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Solar Pool Pumps arrow Florida Solar Pool Pump - Call for Installed Pricing

Florida Solar Pool Pump - Call for Installed Pricing

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Solar Powered Pool Pumps

Take Your Pool Pump Off The Grid - With the Power of the Sun.

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Turn Off Your 230 Volt A/C Pump that can consume over $1000 per year in electricity.

Your pool pump is your home's second-largest energy consumer. It can cost up to $100 per month to operate - and accounts for 11,500 pounds of pollutants every year.

Harness the Sun's Energy to Solar-Power Your Pool Pump! Florida Pool Pump is your source for clean, green power with cost-efficient, solar-powered pool pumps. Our environmentally-friendly solar panels and pumps circulate pool water from sun up to sun down for FREE - saving money every month and the climate every day

Quiet. Cool. Efficient. Long-lasting. Our pumps bring green home solar power to your pool. Other benefits include:

  1. A 30% Federal Tax Credit Off the Purchase & Installation
  2. Sales tax exemption of up to 7.5% (varies by county)
  3. Maintenance-free residential & commercial use
  4. Powers the the pool pump with existing pool heaters and automatic pool cleaners
  5. Up to $16,000 in added home value
  6. One-day installation (after permits are secured)
  7. Power Your Pool for Free
  8. Each kWh produced by coal-burning power plants contributes 1.9 pounds of pollutants to our atmosphere! This means the average solar pool pump installation prevents over 11,000 pounds of pollutants from entering our atmosphere each year.

Reduce your carbon footprint. Fight pollution emissions. Cut your energy costs. Add to your homes value and your household bottom line.


Reasons to buy your Solar Pool Pump :

Our solar pumps are quickly available

  1. Our solar pump packages are pre wired and tested before shipping!
  2. Our products are ready to install out of the box!
  3. Our product has its warranty in the United States
  4. We offer free installation tech support
  5. We include a DC GFCI - Disconnect with a built in lightning arrestor
  6. Our product has been tested and certified by the F.S.E.C
  7. Assembled and Tested in the USA

Savings can top $83.67 per month. After five years (including the federal rebate), you're pocketing $100 a month. After 12 years (a conservative estimate for the Solar Pool Pump life span), you could possibly save up to $12,048.48.

 What's more, with variable speed, a brushless motor and no friction, solar pool pumps are maintenance free and can generally last 10 to 15 years or more. That's three to four times the life span of a conventional pool pump - which runs hard and burns electricity during its entire cycle.

The manufacturer anticipates a minimum 12% return on your investment per year. This includes up to $800 - $1000 per year in electricity savings. These savings will grow as utility companies increase their rates - at an average 8% per year.

  • 3 Different Solar Pool Pump configurations are available - depending on the size of your swimming pool
  • Use the Sun's Power - Florida's Greatest Natural Resource and you can also have back up power from the grid
  • Eliminate the big energy consuming 230 Volt A/C Pool Motor
  • Operate your Pool Pump for FREE from Sunup to Sundown
  • Offering 20 to 25-Year Warranty on Solar Panels
  • 2-Year Pump Motor Warranty
  • Installed by a State Licensed Contractors - so you know it will be installed to code.

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