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Water Conservation arrow Flush Choice Dual Flush Valve Kit

Flush Choice Dual Flush Valve Kit

Price: $69.95

FLUSHCHOICE is a water saving dual flush retrofit toilet valve kit.The FlushChoice dual flush system is a new, revolutionary way to convert 2 piece style toilets to a water conserving, money saving dual flush toilet: a small flush for liquid waste and a big flush for solid waste.

Dual Flush means that the toilet has two flush options - the user has choices! One flush option is for flushing liquid waste which only requires half of the water in the toilet tank, and one flush option is for flushing solid waste which requires the full amount of water in the toilet tank.

Full Flush & Half Flush

Half flush for liquid and light paper - - - Full flush for solid waste

If you turn the flush handle to the left, the toilet will flush only half of the water in the toilet tank.
If you turn the flush handle to the right, the toilet will flush the full tank of water in the toilet tank.

Dual flush systems have been used in Europe and all over the world for years. Simple to install, the FlushChoice dual flush system will dramatically reduce the amount of water used by a toilet, conserving water and money. In commercial and multi family installations, FlushChoice savings reduce the average toilet water operating costs 40%. Testimonials, references, baseline calculations and in-fieldaudit reports are available.

Savings will depending on the age of the toilet. For older toilets with 5 gallon capacity tank, savings will be shocking! For any of the newer model tanks, say 3.5 or 1.6 gallon size, savings will be more than substantial. The exact amount of the savings will depend on the way you personally adjust your FlushChoice when you install it. There are several adjustments which you can make to suit your needs. As as guideline, independent government studies show that a family of four would save more than 17,000 gallons of water per year by installing dual flush toilets. One study documented dual flush water savings with flush volumes reduced by 68 per cent in single-family dwellings, 56 per cent in office washrooms, and 52 per cent in restaurants. Total water savings will vary depending on frequency of use (for example, a coffee shop registered an average of 143 flushes per day).

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