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Charge Controllers arrow Steca Solsum 6.6C Charge Controller 6 Amp w/LVD

Steca Solsum 6.6C Charge Controller 6 Amp w/LVD

Price: $34.00

One of Stecas bestsellers are the photovoltaic controllers of the Solsum C series which are used in small solar home systems with a 5 to 10 Amp solar charging and load current capacity (up to 240 Wp). The Solsum C series was launched in 2004 as a redesign of the Solsum X series. The C series advantages are large connection terminals, fully covered PCB and a easy to understand display. The electronic board uses automized through hole technology for easy local maintenance.


voltage regulation PWM shunt battery charging boost charging float charging automatic load reconnection automatic selection of voltage (12 V / 24 V) temperature compensation positive grounding (or) negative grounding on one terminal

Electronic Protections

high voltage disconnect (HVD) low voltage disconnect (LVD), not 5.0c & 8.0c reverse polarity of solar modules reverse polarity of load & battery short circuit of solar modules short circuit of load over temperature  over voltage lightning protection by varistor low electronic interference (EMC) open circuit battery reverse current at night


system voltage 12 V / (24 V)

max. module input short circuit current 5 A 8 A 6 A 8 A 10 A

max. load output current 5 A 8 A 6 A 8 A 10 A

LVD - -   

max. self consumption 4 mA

end of charge voltage (float) 13.7 V / (27.4 V)

boost charge voltage 14.4 V / (28.8 V)

equalisation charge -

reconnection setpoint (LVR) without LVR 12.6 V / (25.2 V)

deep discharge protection (LVD) without LVD 11,1 V / (22,2 V)

ambient temperature allowed -25 C...+50 C

terminal size (fine / single wire) 2.5 mm / 4 mm

enclosure protection class IP 22

weight 165 g

dimensions l x w x h 130 x 88 x 39 mm

two LEDs (1) battery charging LED - by solar module = green LED in sun symbol (2) battery voltage LED - end of charge voltage = green LED - battery voltage level = red & yellow & green LED - load disconnect prewarning = fast flashing red LED - deep discharge protection = slowly flashing red LED

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