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Charge Controllers arrow Blue Sky Solar Boost 2000E MPPT Charge Controller 12V/25 Amp

Blue Sky Solar Boost 2000E MPPT Charge Controller 12V/25 Amp

Price: $259.00

Patented Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) technology allows Solar Boost 2000E to increase charge current up to 30% or more compared to conventional charge controllers. Dont waste money by throwing PV power away! Get the power you paid for with a Solar Boost charge controller. 

The Solar Boost 2000E provides a precision Multi-stage Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) charge control system to ensure the battery is properly and fully charged, resulting in enhanced battery performance with less battery maintenance. An equalize function is  also included to periodically condition liquid electrolyte lead-acid batteries.

A built in LCD digital display monitors solar charge performance.The display shows battery voltage, solar panel current and output charge current. You can actually see current boost working by knowing the difference between solar panel current and output charge current. A charge status LED indicates the present charge mode, \\and shows when the battery has become fully charged.

Output Current Rating

Nominal System Voltage

PV Open Circuit Voltage

Standby Power Consumption

Charge On Power Consumption

Charge Algorithm

Charge Voltage Setpoint Range

Equalization Voltage

Temperature Compensation

Power Conversion Efficiency

Panel Dimensions


Front Panel Displays

Digital Display Range/Accuracy

Specified Temperature Range

Voltmeter, 19.99VDC /

25 Amp Maximum

12 VDC

30 VDC Maximum

17mA Typical

70mA Typical

Fully automatic two stage charge, Bulk & Constant Voltage. A third manually actuated

Equalize charge function is included to periodically condition lead-acid batteries.

1316VDC (14.0VDC initial factory setting)

Charge voltage setting +1.2VDC

Optional temperature sensor adjusts charge voltage setpoint based on measured battery

temperature. Field selectable slope, 5.0mV/

Open frame construction with conformal coated electronics visible from rear. Designed to

mount into a rectangular surface cutout. Optional conduit ready surface mount box available.

95% @ 15 Amp Output

4 5/8H x 6 3/8W x 1 7/8D (11.75cm x 16.19cm x 4.76cm)

LCD digital display shows PV module input current, output charge current and battery voltage. Charge status LED shows present charge mode and battery state of charge.

0 to +40

0.10% F.S. Ammeter, 26.0A / 0.75% F.S.C/cell (lead-acid), or 2.0mV/C/cell (NiCd)C (Extended range 40 to +50C, will operate but may not meet/spec.)


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