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Solar Lamp Post Light ES-LL1 with Pole

Price: $1,595.00
You Save: $100.00


Elegant Solar-Powered Murray Feiss Terrace Model Lamp Post Light - Model ES-LL1

Since this comes with the pole you must call to purchase...

This is a truly high quality lamp, not like the "toys" you see on the market. We design and custom manufacture these lights here in Hollywood.

We selected the Murray Feiss Terrace series fixture for its simple elegance and quality Then we built on that.

The lamp is powered by a lightweight and durable, SolCharger module which is designed to perform in any environment. Instead of the standard glass surface, a polymer coating produces a module that is impact resistant and flame retardant. The polymer allows maximum light transmission to the single crystalline cells for high efficiency operation. SolChargers are easy to integrate into load equipment since there is no need for a metal frame, creating a smaller profile than other modules. SolChargers are ideal for areas where vandalism is a concern such as roadside call boxes, automated parking meters and fence chargers.Ten-year limited warranty.

The 32 Amp Hour Deka AGM battery will provide solid, reliable service for years to come and will ensure several days of back-up power (autonomy) should the sun not shine so brightly.

The lamp post comes with your choice of bulbs:

  • A 7 piece LED globe that provides the brightness of a 25 watt incandescent but uses only 2.5 watts of power. It should burn all night even on the longest nights and shortest days. Life expectancy up to 50,000 hours. (3500K  warm white)
  • A 15 watt compact fluorescent that provides the brightness of a 60 watt incandescent but uses only about 11 watts of power. It should burn for 4 to 6 hours without over discharging your battery. Life expectancy up to 6,000 hours. (3200K warm white)
  • The lamp will work with any medium based E26/27 type bulb that is 12 volts. The duration of the burn time will depend on the wattage used. We can make them with larger or more solar panels for longer or more powerful applications.

The intelligent solar charge controller gets its cues from the actual solar panel (not from a photo-electric eye) and can be programmed to work for 2,4 or 6 hours after dusk or from dawn to dusk. It also has modes where it will come on 1 hour before dawn.

The lamp is oil rubbed galvanized steel. The pole, enclosure and solar panel mount is powder coated bronze finished heavy duty aluminum.

Solar Lamp Post Light

Including Pole

Model ES-LL1

Custom designed solid metal light fixture with pole mounted solar module and battery box. The light is perfect for parks, yards, boat docks, streets and walkways. No wires to pull, no trenches to dig and it turns itself on at dusk and off at dawn. It can be programmed for many on/off modes as well.


Approximate Dimensions:

9.5 x 9.5 x 22 (10 Pole)

 Solar PV module: 18 Watts - Strong Polymer Coated Panel

Battery : 12 Volt / 32 Amp Hour

Battery Life: up to 5 years  

 Lamp has 7 Super Bright LEDs  in a soft globe (2.5 Watts)

Estimated on Time: Up to 30 Hours  on a full day charge

Larger (Brighter) lamps can be used  for shorter on-times 

Automatic On/Off Light Sensor - Can be set for many on/off times

Approximate Illumination: 60 Diameter

1 Year Manufacturers Warranty


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