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5.98 Kw Micro-Inverter System - Because the roof of this older Miami waterfront home had many planes and hips and the customer wanted to get maximum solar harvest, it was necessary to use Micro-inverters. Each solar panel has its own deditcated inverter and can be monitored on a graphical computer array that diplays its performance at any given moment, as well as logs cumulative data that con be recalled and displayed for performance over days, weeks and months.

The customer teaches Environmental Studies at University of Miami and wanted to have a working system for demonstration purposed. He wanted to use monocrystalline solar panels that were made in America so we installed Solar World SW230M modules; used Enphase M215 Inverters and used a Unirac Solarmount racking system. We added a third rail to ensure maximum strengeth and wind loading resitance.

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