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This is a 4896 watt system consisting of 36 each PVL-136 Uni-solar Flexlight 136 watt panels affixed to a new standing seem roof with high reflectance and super insulated. The panels feed two Xantrex XW MPPT charge controllers and an XW6048 inverter with 23,520 watt hours of battery back-up. There was not enough room in the house for the inverter and batteries so we designed a super Nema 4 enclosure system to protect it from the elements. We did have to vent it for the batteries. The customer just got his first bill since the bi-directional meter was installed and his bill dropped from $147 last year to $46 this year.

Update 5.15.09 Saved $175 last month (This includes solar and other energy reduction efforts)

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