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The best deal in Solar Energy is with Solar Pool Heating

Florida is the Sunshine State, so it just doesn't make sense to pay your utility company to heat your pool.  Heating your pool by any other means than solar energy is very expensive

Solar Thermal - Heat from Solar Energy 

The basic principles of solar thermal are easy to grasp: Unroll a garden hose and lay it out in the sun. After a while the water in the hose will get hot. Basically you just need a number of panels, installed on your roof, some PVC pipe, a few valves, and a temperature controller.  Your existing pool pump, if its in good condition will circulate the water for you.  Your pool serves as the storage tank.

Heat will still be generated even when the sun is obscured by clouds. Even on cloudy days, thermal systems work with a large percentage of their capacity through the diffuse light they receive.

Solar Pool Heating will tremendously improve and extend your swimming season.  Solar pool heating systems pay for themselves in as little as 1 years.  The state has $100 refund for solar pool heating when it is installed by a licensed installer. 

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Extend your swim season with free heat from the sun.  Solar is the clear choice for pool heating with a return on your investment in just 2-4 years.

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Ecosun Solar Pool Heating Systems - Call for Installed Price

Ecosun Solar pool Heating Sytems - Aquatherm Industries offers efficient solar-powered pool heaters of exceptional quality that have been heating pools for more than 30 years. Swimming pool heaters are currently operating throughout the U.S.  Product Details...


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