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We want to help you save money, improve your life through reduced energy consumption and conservation, while protecting our environment from global climate and environmental pollution.

The Energy Store offers consultation, design and installation services through our staff and an approved network of subcontractors, consultants and energy raters.

Call us now. We can help you save energy, money and improve our environment. There is no reason to wait.

Whether you are looking to reduce your electric bill, tighten and improve your building envelope, install a solar domestic hot water system or a solar photovoltaic system, we can guide you in the right direction and recommend the best solutions.

We can reduce your lighting bill, improve your appliance and air conditioning efficiency, recommend emergency power systems, design solar systems, provide insulation that strengthens and seals your home while reducing and offsetting greenhouse gasses and pollution.

The best, most cost effective thing you can do immediately, is convert your hot water heating to solar.

Florida is the Sunshine State, so it just doesn't make sense to pay your utility company to heat your water.

The "average" Florida home can save 18% on their electric bill by converting from electricity to clean solar energy to heat their water and never be without free hot water again!

"It's a no brainer, with State and Federal rebates and tax credits paying for almost half of the cost of a solar domestic hot water system, the payback is often only 3-5 years", and that doesn't even take into account the immediate increase in value to your home that solar adds. Plus, there will be no tax increases. Never Pay for hot water again!

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