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We sell hundreds of different LED lighting products including flashlights, headlights, worklights, camping lights, tent lights, bicycle lights, book lights and light bulbs. LED's are incredibly energy efficient and will burn for a long time before your batteries wear down.

We have an incredible selection of really cool flashlights. They range in price from a couple of bucks up to, I think, $55.00 for our most expensive. Some of them are tiny and have 1 really bright LED and others have up to 128 LED's. Boy, you can't believe how nice and even the light is on that one. (it's the big one in the middle of the picture above).

We have over 20 different headlights with all kinds of configurations. Many have several brightness settings and a flash setting. Some even have a laser pointer built in. Those are great for instructors who need to point out things and have both hands free.

Talk about energy efficiency, we turned on the work light in the top right hand corner of the picture and it stayed on for over a week (24 hours per day) and it uses just 2 "D" cell batteries. Now that could be a great hurricane light. The other work lights are rechargeable and don't burn anywhere near that long. We also have them with AC cords so you never have to worry about the batteries.

We sell one work light for seafarers and hikers that has bright set of red LED's that flash S-O-S over and over. Hope you never ned one.

Also we sell 3 different camp lanterns. Two are LED's and one is compact fluorescent. The CFL one only burns for a few hours, but the LED's will burn overnite or even days depending on the settings. They are all rechargeable by their companion solar panels, car cords or ac adpters that come with each unit. They have adapter to charge cell phones, PDA's and music players.

We also have solar rechargeable flashlights and bike lights. We carry LED book lights and task lights that can be powered by a USB port on a computer of a telephone jack.

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