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Energy efficient lighting includes many possible categories. We have many different types of energy efficient lights in each of the several categories and we will be expanding those selections as we grow.

Initially we have 4 basic categories which include:

Our 'PhotoClear' photographic and video quality bulbs, which are unmatched when used your home or in professional settings. They give you a whiter, clearer light which is better to read by and shows colors more truly. They are color balanced to approximate 3200K or 5500K. These are our own brand and we make them to be quick starting and use premium blended phospors.

We also have a wide selection of lights that are dimmable. They range from traditional spirals to floods, spots, pars, globes, torpedos, flames and others. Some will last for over 25,000 hours.

We have a small selection of LED lights, which are actually coming of age. We have one very special LED 'can' light which can be easily inserted into most ceiling downlights (cans) and will use about one tenth the energy of a traditional incandescent. They burn with almost no heat (much less than even a compact flourescent) and, get this, they last for over 50,000 hours.

And lastly we will make custom bulbs to your specifications with your custom logo and put them into your custom packaging. They are great for gifts and as promotions to encourage reducing carbon and green house gasses.

We will be expanding the line every chance we get with the latest technologies. Keep tuned.

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