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Complete Packages

Includes of all components needed to construct a complete grid-tied solar system.

Below we list several hundred packages that you can use to compare. There are actually several hundred more, but we ran out of space.

Prices are manufacturer's suggested List Price for comparison. Each project will be quoted on individually at time of purchase.

GTS Packages allow you to choose either Sanyo or Sharp solar modules and select from a variety of inverters. Your GTS Package will include:

1. Either Sanyo 190W solar modules (HIP-190BA3) or a variety of Sharp solar modules. All modules are supplied with "MC" interconnects.

2. UniRac SolarMount code-compliant flush PV mounting structure including rail set with Lfeet, topclamps and splice kits.

3. Pre-wired SunWize Power Center (except for the Xantrex GT and Sharp SunVista) for the grid-tie inverter consisting of an aluminum back panel, NEMA 3R, AC and DC disconnect switches and an optional cumulative kWh utility-grade meter. The Power Center is designed to facilitate easy on-site installation of the inverter.

4. One of the following grid-tie inverters: Xantrex GT Sharp SunVista PVP 2900, 2800-XV SMA SB1800U, SB2500U, SB3800U or SB6000U Fronius IG2000, IG2500-LV, IG3000, IG4000, IG4500-LV or IG 5100.

5. Wiring Includes #10 AWG MC interconnect extension cords and wire clips, PV grounding system, PV fused combiner if needed and array wiring pull boxes. The home-run wiring from the solar array to the main panel is supplied by the installer.

6. Documentation - Includes electrical drawings, data sheets, warranties, installation instructions and owner's manual.

The following charts show our most popular GTS Packages. Other systems are available.

To View Current System Packages please click on link below.

KGE2400X Professional Series Generator



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