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SunWize SL6-12V SolCharger Module 6W Framed

Price: $80.00

SolCharger modules, available in rated output power from 3W to 24W, operate DC loads with small to moderate energy requirements

Instead of the standard glass surface, a polymer coating produces a module that is impact resistant and flame retardant. The polymer allows maximum light transmission to the single crystalline cells for high efficiency operation. SolChargers are easy to integrate into load equipment since there is no need for a metal frame, creating a smaller profile than other modules.

SolChargers are ideal for areas where vandalism is a concern such as roadside call boxes, automated parking meters and fence chargers.

Each module features a three-foot output cable and four mounting holes with stainless steel grommets. The SC3, SC6 and SC12 models are available in 6V and 12V. Ten-year limited warranty. FEATURES:

High efficiency performance Vandal Resistant Flame Retardant Durable Lightweight

Model Rated Power (Watts) Rated Voltage (Vmp) Rated Current (Imp) Open Circuit (Voc) Short Circuit (Isc)Dims (Inches)  Unit Wgt (lbs)  
SC36V 39.340.311.20.339.43 x 5.55 0.6 
SC312V318.70.1522.40.169.43 x 5.55 0.6 
SC66V 69.340.6111.20.659.43 x 9.43 1 
SC612V 618.70.322.40.339.43 x 9.43 1 
SC126V 129.341.2811.2 1.3713.3 x 11.68 2 
SC1212V 1218.70.6222.40.6613.3 x 11.68  2 
SC18 1818.70.9322.40.9913.3 x 16.55  2.8 
SC242418.71.2422.41.3213.3 x 21.18  3.7 

Lightweight and durable, SunWize SolCharger modules are designed to perform in any environment and for any remote power application.

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